Restaurant kitchen is a really sacred place of Casa Sărbătorii; it is the main value and the secret of success of the complex for noble and understanding customers.
When building the kitchen area of Casa Sărbătorii the unique technological implementation was made. It combines the most modern decisions for keeping the products without any losses of quality of freshness and stupendous kitchen production capacity, which has perfect conditions of serving at the same time 1000 guests! In the kitchen of Casa Sărbătorii there are fish, dessert and confectionary departments. 45 cooks and their assistants can work at the same time at 350 m2! Exclusiveness of dishes Casa Sărbătorii starts from high quality control of products. Each product is certified, and it has been seriously verified during a long period by responsible stuff of Casa Sărbătorii for freshness and absence of harmful substances. When we organize big events, where the number of guests is very numerous, we use high technological equipment, which keeps it fresh each piece of cold snack, we do not know what it means the change of color or taste of food. We cook main dishes in special ovens, which have the capacity of preparing of 60 portions each 5 minutes. Special ovens keep the stable hot temperature of the food to serve them later to the guests.

Rich opportunities of our kitchen is supplemented by famous service of our restaurant.30 minutes will be enough to serve all guests with magnificent, delicate dish prepared by Casa Sărbătorii cooks.