You plan an event and you would like it to be outside, on the green grass, so we are happy to organize catering for you. Catering is a comfortable, accessible, and profitable service to treat your guests with restaurant food in the place and at the time you prefer. Catering from Casa Sărbătorii is the best moving restaurant in Moldova that organise various events, but keeping luxurious and exquisite style of banquet, fourchette, picnic, corporate and family celebrations, wedding, official events etc. We do catering in any place – inside or outside, in the office of your company or near the river, in the park. The main clients of our services are embassies, international companies, as well as company that often organise marketing, promotional, informational events. For private ceremonies Casa Sărbătorii never yields in quality of services, their quantity, and their functionality. Our qualified staff will make a real holiday for you. Each woman will be really happy to be away from cooking process, not to spend hours in the kitchen preparing dishes, and later wash and tidy everything. Catering Casa Sărbătorii brings cold and hot snacks, main dishes, prepares the tables, serve your guests and finally will arrange all the details. The famous taste of our dishes will amaze your guests.