Wedding planner

When two young people decide to tie the knot their happiness is so big, that the world around them stops living. Being so emotional, it is difficult to think clearly and define important and meaningful moments. The success of a future marriage starts exactly form the first stages of the party planning, as the young couple together with their parents start hot discussions about the wedding. The best way to solve misunderstandings, to help people hear each other and to find the best solutions – is a well qualified specialist in this field - a wedding planner. The wedding planner is aware of all traditions and customs of wedding, secrets of a real wedding ceremony. She is a psychologist, as she listens to all people’s opinion; she takes into account all wishes and the best means of deciding questions. There is a bigger list of advantages. In Casa Sărbătorii we know how important little nothings are, as they may either make a moment unforgettable or spoil everything. For so many years we are devoted to this wedding industry we know perfectly everybody who is engaged to this industry and we select the best partners. Don’t waste your time in searching the screenwriter, direction, decorators, video and camera men. No need to run in a rush looking for wedding dresses rings and accessories, all these can be easily found with the help of our wedding planner.

We will be happy if you use our web site for planning your wedding: book the date, arrange the furniture, choose the places for your guests, select the banquet menu, and add technical facilities. Contact our wedding planner and he will offer you the full range of services.