Official presentation held in Casa Sărbătorii is an effective marketing entry for the promotion, sale and presentation of your professional and creative achievements. To receive better effects of the presentation our staff will help you with script and direction of the event. You will be offered welcome aperitif drinks, menu for a fourchette or a banquet, held on order of presentation. Both Big and Small Hall of Casa Sărbătorii are successful for presentations. Selection of the hall depends on style of the ceremony, number of the guests, programme, etc. The technical facilities of the complex are the most modern and high technological. A thoughtful connection and fastening system will help you in realizing any idea. The Big Hall is the only place in the country where you can drive in a car! If you do not have a complete idea of your event our managers will help you with all that you may need (section Our Staff). You will be assisted in planning and organizing your ceremony, selection of cameramen and mass media, unsure control of all responsible parts involved in action. Use our web site for booking the date of the event, ordering the menu, choosing the services and finalise your order. Further more our manager will contact you and start working on everything to fulfil your idea.