There are no companies that would run to a thoroughly thought script of an event. To foresee each trifle at a conference, official presentation or an exhibition there is a need of preliminary work and planning that will embrace the main and minor ideas. This will be done easily by our experienced screenwriter. A professionally compiled screen is important for each type of official or family celebration, especially when you want to astonish your guests with an exclusive party, something peculiar. Original ideas, unusual offers, thoroughly selected and developed topic according to your requirements and wishes – all this will make your party unordinary, not typical. We assure you that in spite the fact we had seen so many wedding parties – your wedding or other event will be amazing, and will surprise everybody by its unique style. Each detail, each step will be thought, each word will be planned. There will be distributed the roles between relatives and guests, to make your celebration like a real small play, with a lot of participants. There is always time and place for a show, in dependence with the concept of the event. It may be a concert program, interactive contest, games, and practical jokes. It is up to you, weather you choose a solemn occasion, distractive party, classical style or avant-garde, expensive or attractive in the price. The participants may be – clowns, illusionists, fakirs, artists and as well dance and singing groups. You want an opera star or an international star, a well known Moldovan interpreter or a singer – we are ready to invite them for you. The prise of such service is in the direct dependence of duration and complexity of the event.